Tommy pops to the beautiful Hastings to get the secrets on how burger fanatic Kenny Tutt's makes his smashed burgers so juicy and whats on the horizon for his classic no thrills but big feels diner.

In 2022, we partnered with MasterChef champion Kenny Tutt to fulfil one of his lifelong dreams: develop a banging burger brand.

Kenny had a circuitous route to hospitality, spending decades working in finance before entering MasterChef in 2018 and going on to win. But food has always been a big part of his life, starting in childhood when many of his family trips would revolve around traveling to try new food.

And that's where his love of the burger started.

For Kenny, the burger represents having the 'perfect bite in your hand.' He's all about using a fluffy potato bun as the perfect vehicle for a smashed patty, topped with simple toppings and sauces.

We were excited to partner with Kenny to develop Patty Guy, tagging along to every tasting, working together to develop our signature lil patty guy logo, and bringing together some classic American diner nostalgia influences into a modern British burger brand. We opened Patty Guy in our Brighton food hall, Shelter Hall, in 2022 and since then we've been spreading the Patty Guy gospel across the country.

You can now find the brand in over 50+ delivery locations and most recently at their all new opening in The Courtyard in Hastings. Our creative lead, Tommy, took a day to explore Kenny's new Hastings neighbourhood and sit down the chef himself to chat through his inspirations and plans for the brand.

Want to try Patty Guy?

Visit their website to find all of their dine-in and delivery locations

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